Resources for Cochrane Peer Reviewers

The Cochrane Peer Review Policy 2018 is currently being implemented across all Cochrane groups, and will be fully integrated by January 2019.

You can find the peer review policy here, and the peer review policy guidance document here.

If you kindly agreed to referee one of our portocols or reviews, you will be asked to complete and return the checklist that we will send to you.  The checklist provides a structured series of questions to guide you through the review process . Our review process is open, which means your comments will not be anonymised before sending to authors. We send the final version of the protocol or review to all peer reviewers along with the authors' responses to the comments before the publication of the review itself.

The following checklists are available, and will be updated from time to time:

    •    External peer review of protocols
External peer review of reviews
External peer review of overviews of reviews [protocols]
External peer review of overviews of reviews [review]
Consumer review of reviews
Consumer review of protocols
 Guidance on using the consumer reviewer checklist

We are grateful to the following people who have given peer review feedback on protocols and reviews during 2018:

Lorenzo Brait (Italy), Carlo Di Pietrantonj (Italy), Sten Fredrikson (Sweden),  Andrea Giordano (Italy), Fary Khan (Australia), Andrew R Moore (UK), Paola Mosconi (Italy),  Jacqueline Palace (UK), Georgia Salanti (Switzerland),   Silvana Simi (Italy), Sebastian Straube (Canada), Adrian Tookman (UK), Bianca Weinstock-Guttman (USA).

We also wish to acknowledge peer reviewers who have chosen to remain anonymous.