Resources for review authors

Cochrane is moving its editorial process to the online submission system Editorial Manager. Potential authors interested in submitting a review proposal to the Multiple Sclerosis and Rare Diseases of the CNS review group will have to log in to Editorial Manager at this link and select Submit a Manuscript. For further information see our instructions for authors on submitting new proposals. If we are interested in your initial proposal we will invite you to submit a full review proposal via an online form within Editorial Manager.

Here you can find and download a variety of information and support materials to help you develop your protocol. 

Training - online

  • Open Learning Materials - learn the steps in convenient online modules which supplement the Cochrane Reviewers' Handbook in helping you gain skills and complete your review.

Search strategies

Access to specialised register by authors

Authors working on a review or a protocol are supported by the Editorial Base in the following ways:
The Trials Search Co-ordinator designs a search strategy for CCTRs in consultation with the authors. This personalised search strategy, together with a general search strategy for the Group, is run every three months following receipt of each new edition of the Cochrane Library.
References including references to abstracts are sent out to authors quarterly. Full articles are sent if authors have difficulties in obtaining them locally.

Additional search strategies

To ensure as many relevant studies as possible are identified, review authors may need to conduct additional searches. For example it may be useful to search the bibliographies of full articles received from the Editorial Base and articles found independently. It may also be useful to search other bibliographic databases.  Finally, it is often useful to contact trialists and drug companies. The results of these additional searches are sent to the editorial base for inclusion in the MS Group Trials Register.