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  • Cochrane Multiple Sclerosis and Rare Diseases of the Central Nervous System recently launched an international priority setting exercise. Here, the Co-ordinating Editors, Dr Graziella Filippini and Dr Francesco Nonino, tell us about their experience with priority setting and plans for evaluation and implementation. Why do you think it’s...
    December 7 2020
  • International Survey on Research Priorities for Cochrane Systematic Reviews on Multiple Sclerosis The Cochrane Multiple Sclerosis and rare Diseases of the CNS Review Group is running a survey by an online questionnaire collecting your views and ideas about research priorities for systematic reviews on multiple sclerosis.Take the Survey !
    October 15 2020
  •  Indagine internazionale sulle priorità per la ricerca nella sclerosi multiplaÈ on line una indagine internazionale per raccogliere le vostre opinioni e idee sui temi prioritari delle revisioni sistematiche Cochrane sulla sclerosi multipla.Invitiamo tutte le persone interessate, in particolare le persone con sclerosi multipla e i loro...
    July 6 2020
  • February 19 2020
  • February 19 2020
  • Cochrane has released a Special Collection: Coronavirus (2019-nCoCV) to ensure immediate access to systematic reviews most directly relevant to the management of people hospitalized with severe acute respiratory infections. It includes reviews that are relevant to the WHO interim guidance, and reviews identified as relevant by Cochrane Acute...
    February 19 2020
  • In collaboration with Centre for Health Communication and Participation Australian Institute for Primary Care & Ageing, Istituto di Ricerche Farmacologiche Mario Negri, Associazione Italiana Sclerosi Multipla (AISM), we have developed a project (IN-DEEP project), to facilitate knowledge translation for consumers.  The Australian and...
    July 17 2015
  • Published: 14 October 2018Authors: Köpke  S, Solari  A, Rahn  A, Khan  F, Heesen  C, Giordano  AAvailable in Cochrane Library
    July 17 2015
  • IntroductionWe have so far published reviews and protocols (detailed plans for reviews) evaluating the effects of pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions for multiple sclerosis and rare diseases of the CNS.Several new reviews and protocols are currently going through the editorial process and will be...
    July 17 2015
  • July 14 2015


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